Friday, July 20, 2012

Genting trip by nuffnang & RWG PART TWO

Here comes the part two....

Day 2

Day 2 is full of buffets. Brunch & dinner were buffets. Buffet (不肥) . 不肥才怪! In english : Buffet in chinese sounds like "won't fat". Yeah right, buffet for brunch & dinner won't get fat? Fat hope!

RM43++ Brunch buffet at Resort Cafe. Not really to my liking. The food choices were limited and it tasted so-so.

After lunch, many of us headed to Strawberry/Mushroom/Lavendar farm together. It is RM70 to and fro the farm! It's worth it because it's something you can't get to see up in Genting Highlands. 

Strawberry Cafe

Strawberry Chocolate Milkshake

STRAWBERRY Chicken Wing!

Mushroom Farm

 Headed to Ripley's Believe it or Not after visiting the farms! I thought it was just a small exhibition but I was wrong! We took an hour to walk through the whole exhibition.

Awesome buffet at Coffee Terrace with nice ambience! Thumbs up! Do try it when you visit Genting! Totally worth it!

 After dinner buffet, we headed down to khalil fong's concert.

Had Supper at Pizza Hut after 4D motion master!


Day 3

Time past so quickly when you are enjoying! I haven't had enough fun and I'm smacked back to reality. Oh well. At least it was an awesome trip! Met up with many SG bloggers! Fantastic trip to Genting!

We had our Dim Sum Breakfast at Genting Palace again! Very excited because I'm back to my favourite restaurant for breakfast! It's RM600 nett for all these 14 dishes! All of us suffered from serious food exhaustion. 14 dishes in the morning.

Okay...I'm finally done with blogging. Phew! First time taking so long to do up a blog post. After seeing my post, you guys should totally plan for a trip to genting and try those awesome food! It's worth it :) A short getaway!

Thank you NUFFNANG & RWG ONCE AGAIN for sponsoring this trip  :)

P.S All pictures are taken using iphone 4 so pardon me for poor quality pictures!