Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Heyyy! I'm finally back! I'm so sorry for the delay. I know I'm a bad blogger.
We headed to MBK on friday. We walked to MBK from our hotel. Insane right? We just wanna take a walk after a heavy hotel breakfast. 

Note : MBK opens at 10am so don't be there too early if not you got to wait outside the mall.

Headed to starbucks for a drink before shopping. Starbucks always make me feel a step closer to home because there are starbucks in Singapore.

Price of a cup of drink in Starbucks bkk? About the same as Singapore.
So...what's the big hoo-ha about MBK? 
Well, MBK is just a tourist attraction mall whereby everyone would visit it when they are in bkk. That's why there are so many shops selling souvenirs, I love bangkok shirts, pirated dvds & etc. There are a few massage parlours & manicure shops around too. 

Anyway, their massage services are not cheap. It's about 600baht (SGD20++) for head & shoulder massage. If you are willing to spend, I recommend you guys to go for massage after a long shopping day. You will definitely enjoy it!

So...which massage parlour did I go?  
I went for this massage parlour at level 6 of mbk if i'm not wrong? I couldn't remember. I just know they are dressed in maroon colour outfit.

I didn't really have a great experience there because my masseuse didn't even use strength while massaging so it's pretty bad. I had to ask her to use more strength so yeah. My bf was enjoying and he fell asleep. It really depends on who you get.

I love to go to their tokyu department store & this shop at level 1 that sells slippers at 99baht (About SGD4)

Lunch at a mookata store in MBK. I'm sorry I couldn't recall the name but it's near the escalator. Well, don't bother searching for it because their food isn't delicious at all. We felt like we wasted our money.

After lunch, it's manicure & pedicure time! It's a must do when you come to bkk. It's dirt cheap. In Singapore, you are paying $8-$12 for an express manicure but you are paying about that price in bkk for a pretty designed nails.

I went to the same shop to do manicure & pedicure again! It's on level 5 or 6 I couldn't really remember. Hais, the outcome of delaying my post. I couldn't recall everything. Anyway, it's a manicure cum hair salon shop. The manicurists are guys but they are really skillful! That's why I always go back to that shop.

That's the end of Day 2! Stay tuned for Day 3!