Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bangkok trip Day 2

It's day 2!!!!!! We woke up really early as we headed to bed at like 10pm? Buffet breakfast tasted quite alright but the varieties were really little. Thank god they cooked different dishes every morning! After breakfast, we headed to MBK. I can't believe we spent the whole day at MBK. I used up almost all of my money at MBK.

There were so many things to buy at MBK. Too much we couldn't even handle. We had to buy a shopping trolley bag to dump everything and continued shopping. I passed by this shop and I heard the shop owner shouting to this caucasian guy " 200 baht, 150 baht, 50 baht, okay free!!!!" You see how desperate they are to earn money.

There are so many "199 baht ($8)" bag shops around! You can get all the thai snacks in MBK if you are planning to buy back for relatives. I couldn't believe I spent like $40 on thai snacks?!?! MBK sells plenty of heineken, red bull singlets. And also for guys, the price of a shirt depends on the size. 


350 baht ($14)
250 baht ($10)


  •  In MBK, you can bargain all you want. 
  •  Don't be too quick to buy shoes in MBK. (There are plenty of shoes stalls along the road selling  pretty trendy shoes at 100-199 baht!!!)
  •  If there are no muscular guys coming along with you, I suggest you get a shopping trolley bag along the road/Platinum Fashion Mall before heading to MBK. Shopping trolley bags are way cheaper there than in MBK.
  • Siam paragon is a rather high end shopping mall. Don't bother saving up too much money to shop at siam paragon. Spend it wisely at wholesale malls like Platinum Fashion Mall or chatuchak weekend market(Didn't get to go as we left Bangkok on saturday morning).

To be continued....Stay tuned for day 3!!!!!