Friday, July 20, 2012

Genting trip by nuffnang & RWG PART ONE

First of all, I would like to thank nuffnang, RWG & ladyironchef for the awesome trip. It wouldn't have been possible without you guys!

Day 1
Boyfriend & I made our way down to Golden Mile at 6am. Took Five Star Coach to Genting. It's damn comfy I would say. I give you 5/5 for the comfy seat & tv to accompany me throughout the whole trip!

Had a R&R stop at Yong Peng for our breakfast. I didn't manage to take a picture of it because I was too hungry. I've tried the fishball noodles, unique taste & I'm lovin' it. It's located near the western stall. Do give it a try!

 Reached Genting at around 1pm. Check-in to First World Hotel Deluxe Room. The room was pretty small with a small little old fashioned tv. Well, at least the room & toilet were clean. Dumped our bags in the hotel and off to Kenny Rogers for lunch & Baskin robbins for ice cream!

Original Quarter meal

Black Pepper Quarter meal

Golden corn cupcakes

Chocolate Milkshake

The overrated ice cream

 Time for a 9-course set dinner at Genting Palace! The food there is really really really awesome, period. Anyone who goes to Genting should totally go there to eat! 


Broccoli mushroom with abalone

Herbal Chicken Soup

Roasted Chicken

Steamed Fish

Chilli Prawn

Yam Rice

Refreshing dessert

Mango Mochi

After dinner, off to watch The Amazing Spiderman 4D. Quite a nice show, worth it. With RM21, you are entitled to a 3D movie with premium seat & a free snack! You can't get such cheap deals in Singapore!

Genting at a glance

This marks the end of day 1 ! I've decided to break this Genting trip post into two parts! Too much to squeeze in one post! Keep reading okay!