Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bangkok trip Day 1

I went to Bangkok last wed and flew back on sat with babe. We took Thai Airways. I still prefer SIA for sure! SIA's food and service are way better than Thai Airways! We bought the $199 groupon deal. It was an impromptu trip. I fell sick not long after we reached Bangkok. I felt so miserable that I didn't have the mood to shop. What a waste right. We went to Platinum Fashion Mall on day 1. I had to eat cup porridge for dinner because I was sick.

We stayed in Pratunam Pavilion hotel for 4D3N. It is a 3 star hotel located near malls like Platinum Fashion mall, MBK, Central world etc. It wasn't as bad as what those online reviewers commented. Don't expect too much from a 3 star hotel.

What's awesome?
- Great service
- Cosy
- Free wifi (Password reset everyday so you have to ask reception for new password every morning)
- Free buffet breakfast everyday
- Complimentary tuk-tuk (Provide free trip to Platinum fashion mall)

What's not awesome?
- Hotel located in alley (It gets quite creepy during the night)
- Limited varieties for buffet breakfast
- Noisy (You can hear people shouting, vehicles driving around. Quite annoying at times)

  • Buy 2 pieces and above in Platinum Fashion Mall to get the wholesale price. Not easy to bargain if you buy only 1 piece 
  •  Take cab instead of tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuk tend to overcharge you. When you take cab, ask the cab driver to switch on meter.
  • Bring AT LEAST $500. Remember that Bangkok is a shopping paradise especially for girls. You wouldn't want to regret bringing insufficient amount! 
  •  Try not to stay out too late as it gets really messy out there after 12am
  •  Sim Lim Square exchange rate is quite good. Can consider changing there :) 
  • Go to this shop called 'dtac' at Basement 1, Platinum Fashion Mall if you wanna get an internet card. I paid 380 baht for unlimited access of internet for one week. It also includes 100 baht for you to call out. It's 3 baht/min when you call Singapore. 
  • Dial 004 before you enter the mobile number. This enables you to call with a cheaper rate!

Day 2 to be continued....Stay tuned!