Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey everybody! It has been really long since I last blogged. Anyway, I have unofficially graduated and currently searching for full time job. 

I have to really thank my bf for this trip. Without him, this trip wouldn't have been possible. Since year 1 we have agreed to travel overseas together after we graduate and we managed to fulfill it. 

Initially, we wanted to go 5 days but in end we went 6 days. I kept thinking that 5 days is too little so yeah. I'll be sharing tips about bangkok along the way! It's gonna be a little lengthy but I'm trying my best to share as much as I can. So do read it :)

When? March 7 (Thur) - March 12 (Tue)
Hotel? Citin Pratunam,Superior Studio King. Booked using Agoda.
Airline? AirAsia
Total $ for Hotel + Airline? Around $880

I kept pestering bf to take skytrain with me to T2 just to see sunflowers. Sunflowers are so pretty! Don't you think so?

Where? Located at T2 transit. 
Follow the map for instructions, it's at the smoking corner.

We arrived at Don Muang Airport 2 hours 15 minutes later. We didn't request for airport transfer from the hotel so we went out to take cab instead.

Cab fare? Toll fee (60 baht) + Meter  = 350 baht  **Always remember to on meter!!

I know you guys are curious about the interior of the hotel room.

***If you want bathtub, you have to request upon arrival. I tried requesting on agoda page but it didn't work.

Before I forget, their hotel breakfast isn't tasty. They serve vegeterian so if you are vegeterian you can go there for breakfast :) If not, I would recommend the hotel breakfast at Pratunam pavilion. It's really good but the food run out really fast so be there early!

**Pratunam pavilion hotel is really near citin pratunam. It's just along the road.

First stop, Pratunam market (WHOLESALE, buy two pieces and above cheaper). I don't quite like the stuff sold at pratunam market so I had a quick walk and headed to Big C to buy groceries to stock up for our 6 days stay!

Dinner? Yayoi Japanese Restaurant! It's really cheap and good. A bento cost like $5 only. Mind you, it's restaurant standard and not foodcourt standard!

I heard that Mango Sticky Rice is damn delicious so I told myself that I must try it when I go Bangkok! I always think that mango and glutinious rice doesn't match.Well, it tasted not bad but it's not my favourite. It's good to try it if you have never try it before. The mango are damn juicy and sweet.

My pathetic buys on day 1. Naraya pouch, mirror, pad casing, coin purse. Naraya is very well known in Bangkok. Many tourists love to shop there! It's located at many places like CentralWorld, Tokyu-MBK,Siam discovery.

Okay, I'm done with Day 1 ! I'll be blogging about Day 2 soon so keep coming back :)