Thursday, September 05, 2013



I'm back! Let's continue with Day 3 of my bkk trip! Saturday in bkk = Chatuchak day! Yes, we headed to chatuchak on saturday. I met up with a couple of my friends and we walked from platinum mall to the nearest bts station to catch the bts to mo chit bts station.  

Don't worry about not being able to find chatuchak weekend market. When you exit, you will see chatuchak already!

Before you can even take the bts, you need to insert coins into the ticketing system to redeem the bts card. Don't worry if you do not have coins. You can always buy your bts card at the service counter. 

The market is huge man! It would be good if you get a map from the tourist centre to locate the place that you would like to go!

In case you wonder how it looks like,  

Credit to google

Here we are at chatuchak weekend market also known as jj market!
I was searching for the coconut ice cream for damn long! FINALLY I FOUND YOU. It was damn good! The thai iced tea ice cream was even better! We bought one each to try! After trying the thai iced tea ice cream, we decided to get another one because it was too fantastic! 

Anyway, You can choose your own toppings on the ice cream :)

I bought most of my stuff at chatuchak because most of the clothings there were cheaper than those in the malls (Example : Platinum fashion mall).

Chatuchak stuff are cheap & unique. Their highwaist pants were only SGD 6!

After chatuchak, we headed back to MBK for movie & food!
**MUST TRY : MBK FOOD CENTRE PHAD THAI !!!! (It's the best I've tried so far!)

As for the oyster omelette & kuay chap, I think it's not to my liking. Maybe because I'm too used to SG ones.

After food, MOVIE TIME!
Instead of waiting for the theatre number to blink, in bkk you have to sit outside the theatre to wait for the door to open! 

After movie, SUPPER TIME! 

We had supper everyday. Yes, both of us gained like 3 kg after we were back. Muahaha. You are supposed to enjoy yourself during overseas trip. Eat first, diet later. Hehe.

** You can find coco curry house at MBK Shopping Mall!

Not forgetting, my day 3 loots!

Stay tuned for Day 4 of my bkk trip! Bye!