Tuesday, October 29, 2013



We spent our day 4 at terminal 21. Terminal 21 is a newly opened mall at Asok bts station.
The whole mall looked just like an airport. Every level display different country in the world.
It's a rather good experience but there wasn't much to shop.

We gave Hachiban Ramen store a try since it's everywhere in bangkok and it's cheap too.
Each bowl of ramen cost about 80baht. Cheap right? Well, please do not expect much. The price
tells everything. Well, I would say it's edible but it's not recommended.

After having our main course, we headed to swensens for dessert. Again, it's really cheap in bangkok so we ordered two ice creams and a smoothie.

We headed back to shop at platinum fashion mall after that.

My day 4 has been pretty much summarized in this blog post. Yeah I know it's quite a boring day 4 because we spent too many days in bangkok, we do not know where else to spend our time at so we space out our trips.

Before I forget, siam night market is a must go! They sell really nice clothes there but the prices are a little bit more expensive than those in platinum fashion mall. 

 DAY 5 & 6

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